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Spring Snow Goose Guide

Join Northern Skies Outfitters for a spring snow goose guide in South Dakota, Missouri, or Arkansas. This is a one of a kind, unforgettable spring snow goose hunt. The spring waterfowl migration is an incredible event to witness. You will have the chance to see the sky covered with migrating birds and flocks of snow geese that stretch out for miles and miles. The spring snow goose migration is much more condensed than the fall migration, and the spring conservation order season gives us the opportunity to hunt these masses of geese using electronic calls, unplugged shot guns, and extended shooting hours. All of this sets the stage for a once in a lifetime spring snow goose hunt.

Over the past nine spring seasons we have honed our skills and maintained an average of 41 birds per field per day . We have developed a very different method to chasing the spring migration than many of our competitors. Some will offer huge permanent spreads in prime funnel areas and others will use small spreads and try to chase the X field every day. We have been around long enough to know that there is a time and a place for both types of hunting. When we move into an area we will set six huge semi permanent spreads (1500-2500 decoys) in prime migration funnels that we have found over the years. But in addition to these big rigs we will have six smaller spreads (800-1200 decoys) in the trailer and ready to set for some great X field action. Having these extra decoys on hand allows us to change up our hunting tactics as needed when most others will just ride out the slow days and wait for more migrator’s to show up. We are very aggressive in our pursuit of snow geese; we are often on the move to stay on top of the birds. We have a vast network of connections in Fish and Game, local farmers and a biologist that helps us stay one step ahead of the spring migration. We will do everything we can to always be on the birds, and show you the very best spring snow goose hunt we can.

After booking a spring snow goose hunt with Northern Skies Outfitters you will be hunting with experienced guides over large decoy spreads. You will also be hunting over what we believe is the best E-caller system on the market. This is an absolute must for any waterfowler.

All of our spring snow goose hunts take place on land we have leased. We have scouts out every day lining up more one-day leases to ensure every hunt takes place in a field that the geese have been recently feeding in.

Your hunt will start well before legal shooting hours when you meet me (Mat Schauer) or one of our guides at your hotel. There will be a brief meeting with your hunting party about safety procedures. Then it is off to the field.

Almost all of our spring snow goose hunts take place in corn stubble fields. Your spring snow goose guide will take you to the field where decoys and blinds will be already set and brushed. We will have an ATV to transport you and your equipment out to the spread. You will find that all of our equipment is top of the line. You can expect to hunt from a decoy spread of 1200 to 2,500 with a combination of sillosocks and deadly decoys. All of our decoys are painted with UV paint. Our layout blinds will be clean and well maintained. Our custom e-calling system is impressive to say the least. There will be 16 to 42 PA speakers depending on the size of the spread.

Once in the spread there will be another brief conversation about shooting zones and safety in the field. As soon as legal shooting hours open, the e-callers will be turned on. Your guide will be calling the shots and tweaking and adjusting decoys as necessary. We will adjust blinds, e-callers and decoys to fit any wind changes that may occur throughout the day.

Our spring snow goose guide will take a 3-hour lunch midday to eat, and maybe take a quick nap. You will have the option of taking a midday break or staying in the field by yourself. This break is necessary for our guides due to the long hours of the spring snow goose season, and the numerous times we have to move large amounts of decoys and blinds in the middle of the night to have everything ready for the next days hunt. After lunch, your guide will return and the hunt will continue until ½ hour after sunset when guns must be unloaded. Your guide will then get the ATV to transport you and your equipment back to vehicle.

There are still some openings for this coming season. Contact us today to experience what could be the snow goose hunt of a lifetime.
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